The EFF MPs followed through with their threat on Thursday night and disrupted Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address.

Ramaphosa were stopped four times trying to deliver the state of the nation address.

The EFF disrupted the proceedings by repeatedly standing up to points of order. The presiding officers had their hands full to maintain order.

Even before Thandi Modise could start the proceedings, Julius Malema, EFF leader, was on his feet and, with reference to De Klerk, said there was a “killer” in the boardroom.

He said it was wrong of Parliament to invite him to this event.

“He is not prepared to accept that apartheid was a crime against humanity. That is why it is wrong for De Klerk to sit in the public gallery. If we want a peaceful session, my request is that we ask the commander of Vlakplaas, who has blood on his hands, to leave the session, ”he demanded.

Modise declined the request.

After numerous attempts to restore the session, including voting on the request, Modise arranged for the session to continue.

This objection was followed up by the EFF, who demanded that Ramaphosa retire Pravin Gordhan, Minister of Public Enterprises.

Ramaphosa began his speech again, but barely started when Vuyani Pambo, the EFF’s new spokesman, was on his feet at a point of order.

“We cannot sit in the boardroom while millions of South Africans are in darkness because of one man. There is a minister who makes sure SAA does not work. We ask the president to go out and announce that Pravin Gordhan is no longer a minister. ”

He was supported by other EFF MPs who insisted Gordhan must go.