The company that insures a white Lamborghini Urus offers a reward of R200 000 for information that leads to the successful detection and return of the car to its owner.

The car got into the wrong hands last week and has not been seen since.

The car has been valued at R3.5 million.

Anton Koen, managing director of NoJack Vehicle Tracking – a supplier of car safety systems in Benoni, says a scam is doing the rounds.

He said three of these vehicles were stolen last week in a two-day event on the East Rand, Benoni and Bedfordview, respectively. Two of the stolen vehicles are white and the other yellow.

“Someone will call the vehicle owner and pretend to call Lamborghini. The person claims that the model is revoked due to a mechanical error, ”explains Koen.

“The person then says that they will send a truck to pick up the vehicle, because the vehicle can no longer be driven. A few days later, the owner will call the car dealer to inquire about their vehicle, while the dealer has no knowledge of it. ”

The registration number is JD89ZJGP.

He thinks the crooks are people who regularly visit the car dealer as so-called customers and in this way find out how the processes work.

“Don’t just give your vehicle to anyone. Call the car dealer or the salesman or someone you know personally with the dealer to confirm, ”says Koen.

Anyone with information can call Koen on 071 127 6091.

Police did not respond to an inquiry about the case.