A R10 000 reward was pledged on Thursday for information that could help police detect the missing Tazne van Wyk, 8, of Ravensmead in Cape Town and arrest her kidnapper. She has been missing since Friday.

Albert Fritz, Western Cape Community Safety MEC, says he visited Carmen van Wyk, Tazne’s mother, and the Ravensmead police station, from where the search is being coordinated.

During his visit to Van Wyk, Fritz told her that his department would allocate the money for the reward.

He also arranged for a social development counselor to assist her in time.

The reward will be given to the person who provides information to police about where Tazne is and which may lead to the arrest of her abductor.

Fritz urged the community not to heed their rumors after chaos erupted in Ravensmead on Tuesday.

Residents heard a rumor that “the kidnapper” was seen at a local high school.

Police were later called in to control the crowd after they entered the school, breaking down roofs and doors as they searched for the man.

Fritz demanded that all searches be coordinated by police.

“It’s to ensure people’s safety.”

He asked that people with information give it to the police. Anyone with information can text it to 078 330 9333 WhatsApp or SMS. Information can also be sent to [email protected]