Malema said on Friday that they acted against De Klerk after he “showed us the middle finger by saying last week on the SABC that apartheid was not a crime against humanity”.

“That means he is not sorry. In doing so, he provoked us. That is why we are so opposed to his attendance at the State of the Nation Address. “

According to Malema, De Klerk never did anything like that before Ramaphosa’s term and therefore the EFF had no reason to treat him like that before Thursday.

Malema says De Klerk’s recent apartheid statements show that “they have no respect for Ramaphosa”.

“That’s why they think they can still treat us like before 1994. Never since 1994 have we seen this kind of arrogance of white people in especially the corporate world as we see it now. They control him and gave him almost R1 billion to control the ANC. ”

According to Malema, the EFF will not tolerate it and continue to fight for the economic liberation of black people.

This comes after the EFF turned the State of the Nation Address into chaos.