Adam Catzavelos says he has learned a lesson after the infamous video using the k-word.

Catzavelos’ sentencing hearing began in Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday after pleading guilty to a charge of crimen injuria last year.

Last year, Catzavelos was ordered by the Equality Court to do 160 hours of community service, make a public apology and pay a fine of R150,000.

During Thursday’s court proceedings, Catzavelos said he paid off that amount in installments of R5 000 for 30 months.

Catzavelos first entered the witness stand and was questioned by the state, defense and the magistrate.

During his testimony, he was asked by State Attorney Dinesh Nandkissor what the real intent of his video was.

“I can’t tell you what went through my head, but I’m terribly sorry. I was trapped in my own ego, but I’m no longer that person, ”Catzavelos replied.

Magistrate Hleziphi Mkhasibe asked if Catzavelos thought he was better than black people. To this he replied that he might have felt that way at that point, but that it was all something of the past.

“I do not regret what happened and would not change anything because it made me a better person,” says Catzavelos.

The state has called their only witness, Mandisa Mashego, the complainant and Gauteng leader of the EFF. She demanded that Catzavelos spend at least ten years behind bars.

“I personally felt humiliated when I saw the video. I often raise my voice about racism which should be a criminal offense and if it was, he would have earned nothing less than ten years, ”says Mashego.