Power company Eskom has kick-started a campaign to cut off residents that refuse to pay for electricity. The motive behind the campaign is to make attempts to recover the billions of rands that is owed to Eskom.

The Soweto ANC councillor has released a statement mentioning that the communities see this as an arrogant and intimidation method. Sesediyane had told Fin24 that residents ‘condemned’ the disconnections.

It has been reported that Eskom will come to your house to check your meter and if you refuse they will go to the pole to disconnect your power source.

We are disconnecting customers based on the following:

– Non payment

– Bridged meters

– Foreign meters

– Customers who reconnect themselves after disconnections

– Customers who buy electricity from ghost vendors

Eskom spokesperson released a statement to Fin24 on Thursday stating “If you want to avoid being disconnected, come forward. Even if you have rigged your meter, you can come forward, collect your fine and find a way forward to start paying. Do not wait to get caught,”

People throughout South Africa often show their disgust of residents that refuse to pay for electricity with many people stating that now it’s time for the residents to pay up.

Newslite SA reported on the 14th of October that Soweto was still receiving free electricity.